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6 Wolves Sange & amp; Football Chants

Bark at the loon, keep tut track.

350 Charge in a Minute, Away at Birmingham
365 Take Me Home Waterloo Road
404 Glory Hunters where were you?
443 Elokobi Der der der - One for Georgey Afspilningsliste
490 Cheer Up Tony Mowbray. Tony Mowbray is a w*nker.
515 Lee Hughes Lee Hughes mrs song as she is a lap dancer
520 Deliah Only Takes It Up The... Sung to Stoke when they sing their Delilah song
642 Seol Sung at the Reading game
1048 EIEIEIO McCarthy the king of Molineux
1063 I'm Forever Blowing Bubbles West Ham chant is now a Wolves chant
  Premier League Betting
1078 Champions League You're Having a Laugh Sung to teams who don't act the part Afspilningsliste
1102 Five of you singing useless support
1104 We All Hate Leeds Dirty Northern B@stards Afspilningsliste
1141 Kevin For super Kevin Foley
1218 Fit to Referee refs crap
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