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15 Celtic Sange & amp; Football Chants

Are the hoops the loudest in the world?

96 Hate the Rangers Quality. Starts slow but soon gets going. Afspilningsliste
118 Skippy Good song for our Aussie attacker
336 25th May Tribute to the greats
368 Big Paddy Bonner Top keeper
447 Just Cant Get Enough Thai Tims Really good songs hail hail Thai tims (Longer lyrics, video to come)
662 Rangers Fans Are You Listening song sang at old firm game
750 Warren Feeney Sung like the animals went in two by two
795 Over and Over Loyal and true (Ed: Chorus only, new audio added) Afspilningsliste
876 Lets All Go to the Pound Shop Funny Celtic football chant having a go at Rangers
1049 We Are Green We Are White! Supporting the local rubbish. Sung at Hamilton, St Mirren, etc.
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1066 Celtic Is the Name A Classic
1157 Boruc Song New Artur Boruc, Celtic's Number 1 :-)
1200 The Day the Rangers Die C'mon E' Hoops To the tune of American Pie
1231 We're on the Road Again Thanks for lyric submission Afspilningsliste
1356 He's Just a Fat Eddie Murphy! (Christian Nade) Hearts Christian Nade getting ripped!
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