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3 Arsenal Sange & amp; Football Chants

Gooners in full voice - you couldn't call this boring!

8 North Bank/Clock End Highbury-chants still alive Afspilningsliste
37 We Forgot That You Were Here So quiet we forgot they were there Afspilningsliste
38 Shall We Sing a Song for You? You're so quiet... Afspilningsliste
66 Liverpool Hoof the Ball Great taking the pi*s out of the scousers for their sh*t football. Afspilningsliste
67 61 Never Again Tottenham will never win the league again!
106 He Left 'Cos You're ... (Gareth Bale) Onto better and bigger things in his career. Feeder club Afspilningsliste
157 It's All Gone Quiet over There Can not hear you anymore Afspilningsliste
243 It's so Easy at the Lane Please move grounds, it might give us a better game Afspilningsliste
246 Manuel for England! Englands number one.
251 Cheer, Cheer the Red and the White Sung at an Arsenal win
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275 All You Do Is Wash Your Hair To the scousers
477 Christmas Time at Stoke Rugby Club To the tune of "Mistletoe And Wine" by Cliff Richard. Gooners' recent hatred for stoke
527 North London Is Wonderful North London is great.
530 Gareth Bale Peels Bananas in Madrid More bananas than he can peel. (ed: As in change of lyric from peeling em with his feet, clever...) Afspilningsliste
556 You Won the League in Black and White but recently......
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